Deep cleaning of industrial kitchens

We know too well that industrial kitchens are very busy places and there's always a lot going on sometimes there is not just enough time to do that deep clean you need. As any chef is aware that the hygiene of kitchens is of empowerment importance and reputation of the premises, with hygiene certificates issued by local councils we can help you achieve the five-star award that you need.

We will come into your premises at a time convenient to you ( this is carried out mostly at night) thoroughly decrease the kitchen for you starting with extraction fans, walls and all surfaces plus disinfect all surfaces and machine scrub the floor.

You will then have peace of mind that your kitchen has been cleaned professionally and you have a clean safe working environment.

It is important to remember that a buildup of grease can potentially lead to a fire so we recommend that all kitchens are decreased at least once a year preferably six monthly.

If you have any questions that would like to ask us please feel free to call and will be happy to come down to your premises and give you a free non-obligation quote.

We are now able to offer cleaning services from as little as £11.99per hour and guarantee not increase our price for the next 12 months for all new contracts.