Domestic Cleaning

Are you finding the strain trying to run a home and work and carry out all domestic duties exhausting, then we can help KJ Z cleaning specialise in domestic work but we go one step further giving you the free time that you deserve. Our domestics are here to help you. We can carry out all the cleaning you need in your home on a weekly basis from general cleaning washing and ironing, changing the beds to washing carpets do you need some shopping or dry-cleaning picked up no problem that's why we are here just arrange it with your domestic or call our office we will be happy to help.*

Are you having a party? Do you need some help no problem we are here we can help in the kitchen, to the washing up serve at the table clean up after your party and return your home in prime condition leaving you able to socialise with your guests without worrying?

Don't forget our window cleaning division can clean your Windows inside and out using the traditional method.

We also offer a minor maintenance section where we can carry out those small jobs which you haven't been able to get round to such as fitting locks, unblocking sinks toilets and changing light bulbs.

Do you have rooms that need painting or decorating no problem we can help we like to think we can do all those jobs for you to make your life easier why not give us a call and see if we can?.

We are able to offer you cleaning services from as little as £11.99 per hour for all new contracts and guarantee there will be no price increase for the next 12 months.