Here at KJZ Cleaning we understand times are hard and so we have decided to help out all new customers, are cleaning prices start from only £11.99 p/h and we guarantee to hold these prices for at least 12 months for all new contracts.

Well, we've done it again here at KJ Z cleaning. We have a very limited offer all new commercial contracts will have a discount on carpet cleaning, we will clean all carpeted areas within the contract at a fantastic rate not 25% off 50% off or even 75% off we will give you 100% off normal price yes you read it right that means we will clean all carpeted areas free of charge, we can't offer this for long so hurry up! to get this offer please mention code SP2 to receive this.

On top of this fantastic offer,we will offer completely free of charge, deep clean all new commercial and office contacts which will include the following:


Where possible move all furniture to the centre of the room
Wiped down all walls
White down all skirting boardshe
Clean all lighting
Dust and clean any ceiling fans
Thoroughly dust all hanging pictures
Wash windows ( inside) wash screens and window sill, including any blinds
Wash and disinfect any trash cans
Vacuum and shampoo chairs
Vacuum and shampoo carpets/wash hard surfaces where appropriate
Dust all surfaces including filing cabinets from top to bottom
Disinfect all phones
Tidy up any display items
Return all furniture to the original position


Where possible, move furniture away from walls dust and wipe down
Dust all pictures
Clean all lighting
Tidy display items
Shampoo carpets / chairs
Clean windows inside
Disinfect any litter bins


Clean all lighting
Dust and wipe down walls
Thoroughly wash and disinfect all toilet pans and sinks plus pipes
Wash and disinfect flooring
Disinfect door handles and touchable work surfaces


Clean all lighting
Wipe down and wash walls
Wash and disinfect all hard surfaces including inside of fridge/microwave
Wipe down in disinfect chairs
Clean and disinfected rubbish bins
wash and disinfect flooring